Sunday, April 1, 2012


It's Sunday! What a lovely day for a craft. My particular craft today involved a wonderful amount of RED

Since I'm moving out and going to be cooking for myself, I figured I should start growing myself some herbs. I looooove fresh herbs! They make food come alive! So, my mom and I got some seed packets the other day - thyme, chives, rosemary, cilantro, dill, and some lavender (ees for fun). I'll also be stealing a bit of my mom's basil and oregano plants. I sure hope I have her green thumb, there are a lot of little plant lives resting on my shoulders!

Of course, any good herb garden must have a lovely little planter to hold it. My mom had this old, slightly yellowed planter, with an interesting carved design. 

It actually wasn't too bad the way it was, but I figured I'd give it new life with (what else) paint! I found a can of red spray paint in the garage, washed my precious planter thoroughly, and away I went. 

First things first, setting up my spray station.

I used a garbage bag I found in the garage and several bricks and rocks, and laid them out in an unimportant part of our lawn (yes, we do have an abundance of dandelions).

Three bricks stacked on top of each other was enough to keep the main box of the planter up off the plastic when turned upside down, and one brick held up the drainage tray. This helped me to get at the top edges and kept the paint on the planter from sticking to the plastic.

Then the painting began.

I first sprayed the outside of each piece, using several layers to get into all the little crannies, and then the top of the tray. I also wanted to paint the inside of the main box - but not the whole thing, because my mom wasn't sure how the paint would affect the soil. So I used painters tape to create a rough border along the inside of the box, and mostly covered the rest of the inside with more painters tape and paper. 

(I had to relocate to the garage because of all the wind!)

A little spray paint on the exposed area will continue the red to the inside, and the dirt will cover up the rest. 

Give it a few hours to dry, and....VIOLA! 

A snazzy new planter for some de-lishus future herbs.

I also made this nifty bracelet yesterday!

Thank you Pinterest!

Let me know what you think below :) Danke!

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