Tuesday, May 22, 2012

American Girl "Addy" Dress and Summer Gifts


Can't you feel it??

One of the best things about summer is...no more school! Now, I'm not in school, but as a tutor, I think it's possible that teachers/tutors look forward to summer break WAY more than the students do. (No offense, students...it's not you, it's us!)

I'm going to miss my students though. They've been great, and I wanted to show them that by giving them a little something to start their summer off right.

Aren't these towels adorable?

I picked them up at WalMart along with some inexpensive sunglasses and sunscreen, one for each of my students. The sunglasses and sunscreen are actually wrapped inside the towels, which are tied up with twine. I also found these delicious-looking popsicle gift tags, which went perfectly with the bright towels. Mmm...now I want a popsicle.

My most recent sewing project (due in less than three weeks, yikes!) is recreating the American Girl "Addy" dress for a friend's play.

I'll be using Simplicity 3725, matched with this beautiful print from Etsy seller moderncloth.

I'm hoping to be able to develop a pattern for this dress so that others can use it too. I'm amazed that no one has developed any child-sized American Girl patterns yet! 

This also may be my last post for a while, as I will be moving out in a few days and will not have much access to a computer. Here's hoping I find a cheap laptop soon!

Much love <3

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

2 Minute Raspberry Chocolate Dessert

I am obsessed with chocolate.

I know everyone says that, but seriously...I am! There is no dessert in this world that is not best when it is in chocolate form. (Well...besides pie.)

I don't feel like a meal is successfully completed unless it is followed up by chocolate. Oreos, brownies, chocolate chip cookies...but those take time or a trip to the store, and sometimes I just want something quick!

Enter: my favorite 2 Minute Raspberry Chocolate Dessert.

To be fair, I must give the credit for this scrumptiousness to my mom. It is very simple, though, which makes it super quick, inexpensive, and delicious! And seriously addicting.

Small bowl or ramekin

Heavy whipping cream 
(You can use milk, but do yourself a favor, and don't.)

Chocolate chips

Frozen raspberries
(Any fruit will do)



1. Microwave whipping cream in a bowl/ramekin for 30 seconds (checking to make sure it doesn't boil over)

2. Stir in chocolate chips until melted.

3. Add enough chocolate chips until you get your desired chocolately-ness. 
(I personally prefer even darker than in the picture above)

4. Add frozen raspberries and enjoy!


Make some and tell me what you think below! :)

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