Saturday, June 8, 2013

We Have A Winner!

CONGRATULATIONS to Rachelle, the winner of the cart makeover contest!

 Her idea of painting the tray of the cart a fun color and the legs only a metallic really struck a chord with me. I love color and metallics paired, and that treatment would also mimic the current design of the cart. I definitely love when a makeover pays homage to the original design of a piece! (Plus, her idea is simple and cost-effective. Definitely what I was looking for!)

 Blue is my favorite color, and I am loving all of the vintage-inspired shades I see around nowadays - one of those will probably be my color of choice for this cart! Want to see some inspiration photos? 


This one is much more distressed than I would choose, but don't you just love it? It looks like something you'd find while trespassing in an abandoned dairy farm, or some such place. 

Here's a fun and retro cart! This makes me wonder if I should paint the edge and handles of 
the tray in a metallic as well...? 

I could DIE over this color! In fact, I have, several times. The ratio of chipping to paint is perfect - I'm sure it could be recreated with a generous amount of Vaseline!

When I look at this 70's malachite cart, I think glam. Class. Upscale. And, well, expensive! I haven't the slightest clue how to recreate the look with paint...but isn't it just gorgeous to look at?

So tell me....
Which one is your favorite? And what shade of blue should I choose?

Thank you to everyone who entered their ideas for the contest! And thank you all for reading!

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