Thursday, May 14, 2015

Big Update

Haha sooooo....I really REALLY am bad at blogging. Last post was a year after the one before...and so is this one! What is it about May that makes me want to start blogging again? ;P

What's inspiring me to start up again? Well, I'm planning a bedroom makeover. Why? Because we moved our bedroom to another room. Why? Because...BABY!

Saturday I will be 14 weeks! I can hardly believe it, it is going so fast. 

Our former bedroom was up a steep set of stairs, and I didn't really love the idea of having to climb up and down them in late pregnancy and afterwards. So we've moved into a bedroom downstairs, and I'm loving it! We moved almost everything in yesterday, now that I've finished painting. I'll get a few pictures up soon to show the color! Thanks for stoppin' by :)

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