Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Failed Bubbles and Paint Colors

Hello e'rybody! It's been 8 days since my last post, and unfortunately I haven't done anything too creative or crafty in that time...but I shall update nonetheless. 

Anyone seen this on Pinterest?

Apparently, the contents of a glow stick plus bubble solution equals some glowy neon bubbles (and a slightly disturbing, pink-eyed man). Well, Saturday night, my boyfriend, Caleb, and I went to Dollar General and picked up some $1 bubbles so we could give this a try. "Miracle Bubbles", they were called. 

Using scissors and Caleb's muscles, we cut open a glow stick inside a glass measuring cup. It took several squeezes with the scissors, but we finally cut through the plastic outer tube and inner glass tube, and then poured the glowing juice into our 2 ounce bottle of bubble solution. Time to go outside!

Unfortunately, when we went outside to blow our miraculous bubbles, we were not surrounded by spheres of luminosity. Actually, the bubbles were barely visible. If you looked closely, they seemed to have a bit of a glow, but they weren't quite as magical as we had hoped. This may have been because we didn't have enough glow sticks: chemistry.about.com's tutorial on making glowing bubbles (check it out here) says you should start with equal parts bubble solution and glow stick liquid. I'm pretty sure the liquid in a glow stick is less than 2 ounces, and since we poured it into the whole 2 ounce bottle of bubble solution, we probably should've used two or three glow sticks. So that may have been the problem! Sadly, we only had one glowstick. But hey, the mixture turned out to be great sidewalk paint!

Also, yesterday I went to my new place to test out some paint colors! Did I tell anyone I'm moving out in May? Woohoo! Hopefully I'll be able to post some pictures of my room soon (it is actually just a room, I'm going to be living in someone's house), but for now, here are the paint colors I'm considering. 

The pink is possibly for the walls...the brown is for inside the closets. I think they will go smashingly with the yellow-green carpet :)

I would love to hear feedback! Comment below with any questions or tips :) Thank ya! 


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