Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Blog Inauguration...Blogauguration.

Well hey there. My name is Carey and this is my sweet little baby blog, Carey Creates. As you may have guessed, I create things. And boy, do I love doing it. 

I love anything clever, money-saving, uncommon, organic, homemade, and customized. My heart is in sewing and fashion, but it also dabbles in decor, beauty, baking, and just general craftery. I started this blog as an outlet for the creative ideas swimming around in my brain and my Pinterest account (check it out at My hope is to have a new post every week; once I get the hang of this, perhaps more often! These posts will be about anything from sewing projects and DIY home decor to delicious homemade foods and ingenious repurposing. 

My main goal with this blog is to bring beautiful ideas and inspirations to you, my hip happening readers, with crisp pictures and detailed instructions. If, at any time, you feel as though the instructions are inadequate or the pictures unclear, promptly comment on said confusing blog post or email me at If you have any projects you'd like to share or have me try (I'm a willing guinea pig), send those my way too. 

Thanks for the visit, come back soon - I've got some shardigans (shirts to cardigans) in the works, and perhaps a few DIY wax luminaries will stop by! Farewell <3

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